The Art of Digital Painting
by Ford Weisberg

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I have been an artist all my life. Music was my first love, and I've performed as a concert artist on a variety of instruments in several genres. Iíve played folk and traditional Irish music on tinwhistle, flute and mandolin, and after Conservatory training, Baroque, Renaissance and Medieval music on recorders and original wind instruments of the period.

And, I drew.

Later on my energies shifted to photography, photo-based art, digital art and digital painting, employing new techniques through the use of computer software, and most recently acrylic painting and mono-printing. My art is abstract, and has links to Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism in terms of a working method that begins as pure play and remains unedited for as long as possible. Then, a period of re-working begins.

In my biomorphic work I create imaginary, organically inspired forms, using colors and composition influenced by my musical sensibility and a partial synaesthesia. I have also worked on ideas for updating Cubism as organzied by color as much as form. Some of my work is concerned with the mutual influence of painting and music. I am offering my photography, photo-based art, digital art and digital painting as fine art giclee prints on canvas and paper. The acrylic works are all one-of-a-kind originals.


Continuing to update Cubism, influenced by music and musical forms...

Art is an attempt to express reality as felt in our times.

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